Emma Backman


Swedish Film editor working on commercials, music videos, short films and documentaries. Living between Stockholm and Berlin, working globally.

As a former dancer I’m intuitively drawn to movement, rhythm and sound in my work. Besides that, my approach to editing is driven from the concept of montage, the French word for “editing”. Using editing to build a story, rather than just ensuring continuity.

Crafting footage to bring clarity, emotion and intention to film.

I learned a lot from legendary Walter Murch's writings, and I have been lucky to work with directors with a strong understanding of editing as a balance between art and craft.

I recently completed editing the feature documentary As We Speak, directed by J.M. Harper of Park Pictures. The film examines hip-hop lyrics and the criminal justice system. It will premiere at 2024 Sundance Film Festival.

Awards include Ciclope Gold, ADC Gold, Roygalan editor of the year, SHOTS and Clio Gold & Bronze.

Interview with SHOTS Magazine.

Globally represented by Cabin Editing Company

For inquiries in Europe:

Kayt Hall
Executive Producer at Cabin (Europe)
Email, LinkedIn, +44 20 7096 9565

For inquiries in the US:

Adam Becht
Executive Producer at Cabin (Los Angeles)
Email, LinkedIn, 310 752 0520

For general inquiries:

Emma Backman
Email, Instagram

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